Der WEEAC-Clash fand statt! Dawn hat also mit großem Theaterdonner den Rückzug aus Berlin erklärt. Die Schuldigen wurden schnell ausgemach: die Pfotenkrieger waren es. Das ist populär, verdeckt das eigene Totalversagen hinsichtlich Offenheit, Transparenz, Realitätssinn, Selbsteinschätzung und leider auch Ehrlichkeit.

Pia Berrend – nicht nur im Tierschutz mit bestem Leumund ausgestattet – hat mir in vielen langen Telefonaten immer wieder gesagt, dass sie sich hat überreden lassen, dem Verein bei der Gründung zu helfen. Aber ihr Vertrauen schwand, als sie erkennen musste, dass geplant war, den Verein mit VIER Mitgliedern, die gleichzeitig den Vorstand bilden sollen, zu führen, um Dawn Groth ganz sicher tolle Idee eines weltweiten Protests zu leiten und zu organisieren. Pia erkannte für ein Vorhaben dieser Größenordnung nicht die notwendigen Kompetenzen, vor allen Dingen, als ein äußerst rigides und selbstherrliches Auftreten (ein gelöschter Thread mit offener Kritik, Rauswurf teilweise Unbeteiligter, darunter einem hochrangigem Politiker im Ruhestand) den WEEAC zu vernichten drohte. Sie warf das Handtuch nach drei Wochen Einsatz zur Schadensbegrenzung.

Vor einigen Tagen sagte sie mir, sie hätte den anderen Boardmitgliedern des WEEAC ihren Ausstieg verkündet, das war ein Tag, bevor Uwe alle wissen ließ, sie wäre noch „voll dabei!“ – eine Lüge.

Noch während Dawn ihren ersten Auftritt im WEEAC-Berlin-Thread hatte, gab es einen Austausch von mir in Vertretung der Pfotenkrieger mit Dawn, den Sie heute sicherheitshalber als von mir manipuliert verleumdete. Jeder, der mich kennt – das sind mittlerweile na ganze Menge -, weiß, dass ich stets mit offenen Karten spiele, was mich, was uns nicht immer beliebt machte – und weiter machen wird.

Ich lade nun jede/n ein, sich selbst ein Bild zu machen und veröffentliche diese PN ungekürzt und nicht korrigiert (mein Englisch ist leider nicht besser). Fragen beantworte ich hierzu gerne.

Ein Dialog mit Dawn Groth

Dawn Groth

Michael, I am glad you are feeling better having seen the Status… however, I have learned, that MOST organizations do NOT make this kind of thing public on their websites. And PLEASE remove our addresses!!!! This is personal/private information, that should not be publicized around the world. Most especially in the work we do, when we have many enemies who do not wish to see us succeed.

Kind regards, Dawn

Dawn Groth

Also: Please REMOVE the Status from the German website. I have been informed that this is NOT necessary. Making statuts public is NOT the way organizations operate. Once registration number has been received. THIS is placed on the website and noted. For anyone to search public records to view the Status. It is not necessary to have them on the website. Again, Kind regards, Dawn.

Dawn Groth

Michael… why is it that no one speaks to me? You all talk amongst yourselves in the group. Making accusations, and criticizing the efforts of WEEAC. A group, who is trying very hard to get off the ground for a very good cause with a good idea. We DO have very many countries quite happily on board with us. Knowing that we have yet to become registered as a non-profit as this cost much money and most often alot of legal red tape to get through. Here in the United States to become non-profit will cost at least $1000 or more and need a lawyer to do. Without donations, it takes time to save the money to do that. We have a store online, that we hope will give us what we need to create the non-profit status. But this takes time.

We chose Luxembourg in the EU. Because they were not expensive, and they would be fast. If you look at our Event page you see many areas, very much involved in working on an Event. Because this is for the animals. And in the end that’s all it’s about. I have not this trouble in any other group but Germany. Why is this?

You need to communicate with me if you have questions.

Kind regards,
Dawn Groth

Dawn Groth

correction, in any other group but Germany. not USA!

Dawn Groth

Michael…. you have an organization of your own to run. So I know you understand how difficult it is to have people to trust in. Pia cannot be trusted. She works for ESDAW.

Dawn Groth

Michael, I started this group as just an idea… not sure who would even like. When I started to spread it around, I found many people liked the idea. However, it is not easy to put together such a group. All around the world. The idea is good. The money to register, does not come out of thing air. And most countries are difficult to get a registration. A lengthy process.

This is for the animals period. Not my ego, or anyone else’s ego. If you all were misinformed I apologize for that. I believe in what WEEAC is trying to do. And so do many others who have invested alot of time, energy and their own money, knowing we are not yet a registered non-profit. To help get this idea running. To help the animals. I really do not know what more I can say. But do not appreciate being criticized and laughed at in the German group.

Pia… cannot handle problems. She gets stressed out and bails. As she has done now.

Pfotenkrieger Verein
vor 23 Stunden

Sorry, but there is really no way for us to work together with uwe siewek. I’m pretty sure you are not knowing all facts about our plans of stage show, to bring lots of people to thing about animal cruelty at all. we could present Nena with band, a very well known singer in Germany. we could present lots of well konwn people to tell lot’s of things about animal cruelty. we could. pia told me that you had no idea about our plans. I told Uwe everything month ago. that’s fact. After the today discussion we’ll, never will work together with uwe. No respect, no trust. Sorry, Uwe wrote an PN to me in whitch he told me that you and pia are destroying every thing. I could’nt believe that.

I’m very sorry because the concept ist really great. Pfotenkrieger will do our very best to make Berlin possible.

Dawn Groth
vor 21 Stunden

WEEAC will not give up…. Uwe has worked too hard. He told me of all the big plans. However, I was never informed about money. And frankly, I believe putting on such a huge show, and spending that huge amount of money just to do a show. is a waste of money. Money that could be spent on helping animals that are in desperate need of help. I never agreed to that. I always said, that was not right. If Germany believes that is how to help animals. to wastefully spend money to party! then it clearly does not agree with the objective of WEEAC. We are here to Help animals. I am not concerned about making money…. only helping animals. bringing awareness to the people. Not via big shows. What does that do? That is no better than PETA using naked women to try to draw attention to a cause. What does that person walk away with in their mind? The cause or the naked woman? it is the same with a big show.

I will continue to work hard. To make WEEAC a success. We have to many countries already having invested much time, energy and money of their own! yet keeping expenses down as much as possible. Because they understand the importance of Unity. And the imortance of awareness to the people. the pettiness I am seeing in Germany is unbelievable. Uwe is a good man. Who believes in helping animals. And believes in the objective of WEEAC. Unfortunately, he got caught up in the glitz and glam you tried to flash before his eyes. I will not turn my back on Uwe either.

Pfotenkrieger Verein
vor 20 Stunden

Sorry, Dawn. All‘ that money does not come from any organisation, it will come from companies, which will never give money for animal rights, but they see a possibillity to show there names with a event like this. so why not? it’s a typical win-win-situation. if you will be succsessfull in fighting for animal rights, you need money. If you will bring lots of people on the street, you need money. WEEAC should not be a grill party for those woh are involved in fighting for animals at all, what WEEAC and every other kind of event needs are new faces, kids, young people, people that do not had any contact to the world wide problems of cruelty against animals at all.

To bring all that new faces to the stressts you need visions, you need positiv vibes, you need an idea, that fighting for animals rights should be fun, too.

Uwe himself is a nice guy, that’s without any question. but sometimes it is not enough. what we all need are professionals in every part of the game!

I have not any interest to be in a board of a organisation without the needed expertise – that’s what my own organisation is making so strong in a very short time.

We will do our very best in a team of friends with a high grade of professionalism and team responsibility, transparency and power.

The Bally-Ho in the Berlin group did has reasons far away from Pfotenkrieger or anybody of all the helping hands, be shure.

As a member of the board of ‚British Berlin Yacht Club‘ and the following ‚Deutsch-Britischer Yacht Club‘ after the allied forces leaves Berlin I know a lot of founding an organisation and working in the board.

Also I made a lot of experiences in the organisation of big events, working with all kind of communication media. Every menber in my organisation has lots cof experiencies in different branches – we are looking for interesting people to become member of the Pfotenkrieger at every time to make our team strong and competitive. thats the way it works very well. OK, there is allways the risc for me to be thrown out. So what? If it’s good for enforcing our targets, it’s OK for me. That#s democracy and I really love it.

Uwe told me, that there is no interest in affiliating new members to the WEEAC, Pia told me the same. Is that your kind of democracy and transparency? Is that your kind of unite people? Pia is definitely out. A desaster on my point of view, sorry.

I’m kind of sorry that my English is that bad after years without any practice, ti’s a shame. It’s really to small to communicate so many sophisticated items we should talk about.

The most important thing is to let you know that we’re working hard to let your baby grow up. Your idea is sensationell and no one will to disseize your grand idea, be shure about that.

The idea of WEEAC should never give up

Dawn Groth
vor 20 Stunden

I do not plan on giving up Michael… it is also not true that I have no intention of affiliating new members. Not quite sure why anyone would say that. Maybe because we have never discussed the topic or had anyone approach us with such an interest yet.

I appreciate your expertise. But I do disagree with spending money like that, when it could go to much more needed causes. We shall see what happens. As I am not one to give up, or quit.

I believe in the objective of WEEAC. And I am trying to work out a continuing friendship with Pia. As I grew to care very much about her. No one ever succeeded in anything by giving up. Hence I will not.

And there are far too many already invested in seeing this work. So we will continue. Ever slowly. But we will succeed.

Pfotenkrieger Verein
vor 20 Stunden

That was a good ‚last word‘ for today. In Berlin it’s 2:30 pm now an the old Pfotenkrieger is very tired now after 16 hours of WEEAC work…

We will keep in contact. Thank you for now. May be sometimes our differnt pint of views will come closer. It’s not a race, it’s a process 😉

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